The digital twins; disruption;
democratisation of data and
expanding the scope of BIM

01 Nov 2021



09:15 | Keynote Presentation

Aldar’s innovative and agile approach for the Democratisation of Data

Aldar is leading the way in operational excellence by utilising transformational digital tools for effective project management and collaboration to ensure projects are delivered on time, budget, and quality. To support this approach, Aldar has partnered with EllisDon to set up a strategy to enhance the use of VDC / BIM data analytics in the decision-making process at various project delivery stages. The presentation will highlight the digital platform developed and discuss the added value achieved.


  • Wissam Hijazi – Virtual Design and Construction Director, EllisDon Middle East
  • Senthil Arjunan – VP Digital Transformation, Aldar

09:35 | Panel Discussion

Digital Twins and the Disruption of the Real Estate and Construction Industry

Focusing on how digital twins are disrupting the normal order of business in the construction industry, this panel discussion looks at how organisations are learning to operate, manage and build better real estate and infrastructure assets. It examines the challenges and inefficiencies around asset management in the construction sector and how digital twins can help resolve these issues and improve performance throughout a structure’s lifecycle.

Focus Areas

  • The post-COVID acceleration of digital transformation in the construction industry
  • The readiness of the construction industry to interact and respond to transformation practices
  • Addressing the requirements for the digitalisation of construction from across the construction sector


  • Juan Tena Flores – Regional Digital Design Manager, KEO International Consultants
  • Muhammad Jabakhanji – Director of Operations, Concerted Solutions
  • Nizar Jegham – Director, Digital Advisory Services ME, WSP
  • Kaarin Kalavus-Collins – Associate Director, Turner and Townsend
  • Wajdi Mereb – BIM and Digital Engineering Expert


  • Prakash Senghani – Director, Head of Digital Delivery, JLL

10:20 | Presentation

6D BIM – Driving Carbon Net Zero in Construction

In 2019, the CO2 emissions of the building and construction industry increased to their highest levels to date, representing 38% of global energy related CO2 emissions.

As an industry that employs 7% of the world’s working age population and as 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, stakeholders in this industry must take responsibility to reduce emissions and create a sustainable and net-zero future for everyone.

This presentation will discuss how a 6D BIM Construction Platform can help building and construction companies achieve a sustainable future without compromising their productivity


  • James Frampton – Regional Leader – MEA, SoftwareONE | MTWO Construction Cloud




10:40 | Keynote Presentation

BIM and Data Management in Digital Construction

This keynote will briefly describe the work The Red Sea Development Company is delivering with a focus on the digital aspects of design, construction and hand-over and it’s impact on the creation of a Digital Twin. This talk will deep-dive into the BIM implementation and subsequent data management explaining the TRSDC journey of building robust requirements, the technical infrastructure and implementation approach.


  • Mohammed Abdelrahman – Associate BIM Director, The Red Sea Development Company

11:00 | Presentation

Openings Studio

TESA ASSA ABLOY, a leading manufacturer in door opening solutions is taking its BIM expertise to a new level; 3D visualisation, improved knowledge sharing and specification, as well as sustainability enhanced collaboration and wider product choice are being utilised to bring critical improvement in specification, delivery and facility management.

In this presentation, it will showcase Openings Studio™, a powerful BIM-enabled tool that is helping to create a compliant door opening solution. This innovative tool enhances the way of working, from design to specification, through delivery and beyond to help clients step out from a 2D design environment into a 3D world of possibilities.


  • Ziad Ah Lim – Specification Manager – Middle East, TESA ASSA ABLOY
  • Liliana Puente Morín – International Specification Manager, TESA ASSA ABLOY

11:20 | Panel Discussion

Expanding the Scope of BIM through the Digitalisation of Construction

This panel discussion will focus on how the ongoing digitalisation of construction will expand the way we interact with BIM. The panellists will discuss the value of digitalising the physical world, while also highlighting the need for greater data quality. They will also touch upon the lessons that can be applied to the construction sector from other industries that are further along on their digitalisation journey.

Focus Areas

  • Utilising digitalisation to create a larger project lifecycle
  • The importance of correctly utilising the information generated on site
  • The need to involve all stakeholders across a project
  • Utilising of the model during construction and generating constructable data


  • Nayer Girgis – Digital Team Leader, ASGC
  • David Glennon – Digital Project Delivery Director, The Red Sea Development Company
  • Sthavya Kannamparambil – Technical Manager, The Red Sea Development Company
  • Nicky Dobreanu, CIOB
  • Paul Wallett – Regional Director, India and Middle East – Trimble Solutions Middle East


  • Dr Anas Bataw – Director, Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction, Heriot-Watt University Dubai




12:20 | Keynote Presentation

Dubai Municipality’s BIM E-Submission Platform

This presentation showcases how BIM’s E-Submission Platform works and streamlines the approvals process for Dubai Municipality.


  • Noora Nabil Bin Haider – GIS Engineer, Dubai Municipality – GIS Centre

12:40 | Presentation

Digitalising Construction – Case Studies emphasising that BIM is just the beginning

Techture is working with AEC companies as a technology consultant to augment their design & execution processes through custom technology-based solutions.

This talk would showcase successful case studies on how BIM models were extended to become practical tools for quantity reconciliation, project management and asset maintenance. It would also showcase how generative design and machine learning is enabling contractors to optimise their bids through 3D model-based applications.


  • Dayesh Jaiswal – Director, Techture

13:00 | Panel Discussion

The Democratisation of Data and its Impact on the Future of Construction

This panel will focus on the need for data to flow seamlessly between project stakeholders and across organisations in order to fuel better decision making, increased efficiencies and revitalised work processes.

Focus Areas

  • Streamlining project delivery through sharing data
  • Building a healthy data-sharing culture in the construction sector
  • Understanding the data and empowering users to collaborate and make informed decisions


  • Suhail Arfath – Director of Digital Transformation, Hloov
  • Louise Collins – Head of Engineering and Energy, JLL
  • Salah Abdulatif Al Dilmi – Section Manager, Rail Infrastructure Maintenance, Rail Agency, Roads and Transport Authority
  • Dr Ali Ismail – BIM Expert, Dubai Municipality
  • Allison Wicks – Founder and Managing Partner, Qualitaz


  • Elena Salun – Head of CAD and BIM, Cracknell

13:45 | Presentation

Business value of BIM and ISO 19650 throughout the asset life cycle

The built environment sector is being challenged by many trends and disruptors: digital transformation, offsite manufacturing, sustainability concerns, aging workforce leading to lack of skilled labor, as well as COVID-19, which is affecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of workers. Organisations must remain resilient in order to meet challenges and continue to grow and flourish.

To become resilient, we must respond and adopt new ways of thinking and working. Building Information Modelling (BIM) can help address the climate, urbanisation, performance and skills shortage challenges, alongside the implementation of many best practice approaches.

Organisations that seize this opportunity will have the opportunity to compete successfully in global markets.

This virtual presentation will cover

  • Why should your organization adopt BIM?
  • What are the business benefits of BIM throughout the asset life cycle?
  • What is BIM ISO 19650 and how does it support business opportunities?
  • Where should you start if you don’t yet have a BIM strategy?


  • Rahul Shah – Sector Development Director EMEA, Built Environment, BSI

14:00 | Session Three

Event Wrap-Up


  • Paul Godfrey – Events and Conference Producer, CPI Trade Media
  • Gavin Davids – Head of Editorial and Content – Big Project ME, CPI Trade Media