Digital construction tools to
improve delivery and operations
in the smart build environment

14 Sept 2022
Digital Team Leader | ASGC

Nayer Girgis

Nayer is a Digital Engineering lead with an overall 10+ years work experience in successfully delivering unique and high-profile design and construction projects in the UAE and KSA. He has worked with major clients in the GCC region such as RTA, Emaar, North25, KAFD, DGDA among others.
He is a true believer and advocate for the continuous research and development of Digital Engineering technologies (e.g. Building Information Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality) to improve the efficiency of construction projects.

Nayer has a Master of Engineering (MEng) in Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Management from University of Southampton, MBA in Digital Business from University of Barcelona and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Leeds.